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How To Repair Dry Cracked Heels?

It’s a special moment when you finally find those dreamlike high heels you’ve been looking for. Waiting patiently, wishing they have your size. Then you sat down, opened the box, and unwrapped the paper. Oh, that new-shoe odour. You put them on, walk toward the mirror, and strike a pose. Perfection! You stand there thinking about the amazing outfit they’ll be matched with. You picture yourself arriving at the party, the office, the first date, and walking down the aisle. You are self-assured, beautiful, and powerful.

That’s the feeling we want you to have by assisting you in keeping those heels you adore for a lifetime. Scroll down to learn everything there is to know about high heel repair and how to get started with repairing dry cracked heels.

How to repair dry cracked heels?

  • Heel Cap Repair and Replacement

If you like to wear heels, you’re probably familiar with the microplastic heel caps that safeguard the heel’s base. To keep such plastic heel caps in place, they are tethered to a metal pin that sits within the heel. When the heel cap wears down (or falls off! ), it must be replaced as soon as possible. If you’re hearing the dreaded “clicking” sound while walking in your heels, it’s almost certainly because your heel caps have knackered to the metal pin. You can get that heel cap easily repaired or replaced to ensure the cliche sound is kept away and you are still able to walk down as comfortably as you used to!

  • Sole Restoration and Protection

Many high heels as well as pumps, especially designer brands, have delicately thin soles. These thin soles are certainly attractive, but they can be troublesome if you want to wear footwear outside of the house!

Your heels’ soles will eventually wear down—and quickly. Don’t worry if your soles begin to wear or pull apart! Send your high heel shoes to our experts, and we’ll expertly repair the soles and heels back down or completely resolve your heels, getting you on your feet again in no time. is here to keep your expensive shoes in good condition. Guaranteed, our defensive soles will extend their life!

  • Refinishing and restructuring the heels

When new shoes, as well as boots, are manufactured, a special custom finish is adopted at the very end of the manufacturing process. This creates a lovely long-lasting coating. When our experts refinish your shoes, we immediately apply the same beautiful finish that the shoe or boot had when it was originally new.

We begin a full refinish by deep cleaning to remove any stains. The shoe leather will then be generously conditioned to pure lanolin (as needed), and perpetual colour will be applied over worn and damaged areas. Finally, we donned a new-shoe custom topcoat.

How To Repair Dry Cracked Heels?
Leather Dry Clean’s Heel Repair Services
  • Stretching and replacing shoe liners

Are your high heels too constricting? Leather heels can be stretched up to a required size. High heels are widened, which aids in length by allowing the toe portion of both feet to spread out and relieve pressure.

We can also configure a brand new, wrinkle-free leather sock liner inside your heels, providing extra comfort as well as a fresh, clean new smell. We can also substitute the heel liner at the rear end of your shoe to make sure you have the proper amount of cushioning. provides shoe stretching services using cutting-edge technology and tools to ensure that your leather shoes fit perfectly. We can restore your heels to a new condition! We use high-quality leather materials, and our artisans have years of experience repairing heels.

Heel repairs are usually fair and simple; buy parts with instructions, glue the parts together intuitively, or bring your shoes to a repair centre to ensure they’re properly balanced. With any technique, you can get a few more miles from your favourite pair of heels. Stay off your floor for a while after repairing a high heel, at least until you’re able to get home and properly assess the damage as well as the effectiveness of your repair.

We at recognize how crucial your designer-branded women’s shoes are to your wardrobe and image. As a result, we take great steps to offer comprehensive repair as well as dry-cleaning services for all different kinds of leather shoes. Our team of skilled specialists will ensure that your heels look their best, whether it be a simple heel resize or even a complete recoloration. We only use cutting-edge technologies and techniques to restore your shoes to one‘s original beauty, so you can walk out feeling confident and stylish.

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