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How To Repair Cracked Leather Jacket?

A leather jacket embodies flair and panache, lending it a natural chic element. It is ideal clothing for the fashion-conscious. Kudos to the charismatic movie stars who have praised the stylish and hip look of a leather jacket. A fashion statement that has been passed down through generations. It achieves the ideal balance of comfort and elegance.

However, for reliability and durability, a leather jacket requires regular cleaning, polishing, as well as restoration.

Regardless of its durable and tough design, a leather jacket is prone to a variety of defects caused by damage. These damages could include punctures in the fabric of the jacket or wear and tear caused by improper or excessive use. Using brute force can also lead to rips. Here’s how you can try repairing your cracked leather jacket with convenience.

How to repair cracked leather jacket?

The cleaning process of leather jackets

Before beginning with any cleaning procedures, allow your jacket to dry appropriately in the shade with good ventilation over a wide shoulder coat hook. A period of about 24 hours will indeed ensure adequate dryness to begin cleaning. And as far as cleaning is concerned, here’s how you should start:

  • Dampen a microfiber cloth with purified water and clean the leather jacket gently. This aids in the removal of all surface dirt and dust. Water distillation guarantees that the water contains no minerals that could be harmful to the leather fabric.
  • After that, use saddle soap to eliminate any specific stains from the jacket. This soap contains mild softening ingredients such as lanolin and beeswax, making it ideal for cleaning leather items.
  • Create a lather by rubbing a wet cloth over the saddle soap and applying it in a small clockwise direction to the filthy area. Wipe away any excess froth from either surface with a clean damp towel. Allow the jacket to air dry naturally.
  • Perform a patch test to examine for any negative impacts caused by the use of saddle soap. This is essential before proceeding with full-fledged cleaning.

The repairing model of cracked leather jackets:

  • The first step is to turn the jacket inside out and undo the jacket seam, which will make the tear more visible.
  • A seam ripper tool can assist in properly and smoothly undoing the seam stitches. Ripping the seam can assist in exposing the cut for reworking.
  • A timber plate can aid in the building of a repair platform. Insert it just beneath the tear in the jacket. To keep the tear in place, cover it with clear sellotape. Remove the timber plate and flip the jacket inside out.
  • To obtain a proper doable platform, replace the plate while keeping the seam garment out of the way.
  • Next, using an applicator, apply a water-based sealant to the tear. Then, for a few minutes, blow dry it. Apply the glue to the tear again and streak it lightly.
  • Attach a backing fabric to the sealant and blow dry it to speed up the drying process. Turn the jacket over and gently peel away the sellotape in steps that cover the tear. Ripping the tape off abruptly can reopen the cracks and is not recommended.
  • Finally, gently bend the garment at the tear and extend more glue. Blow-dry your hair for a few seconds after that. Because the glue is water-based, wiping and washing the residual glue after blow-drying is easier. After the patchwork, the tear is almost invisible.
How To Repair Cracked Leather Jacket?
Leather Dry Clean’s Garment Repair Services

Choosing the right leather jacket

When it comes to selecting the right leather clothing, bear in mind that not all leathers are treated equally. Leather is a naturally occurring substance, and as such, it is susceptible to weather damage. Fading, cracking, as well as peeling, can be caused by UV rays, air, and water. Furthermore, high temperatures may cause the leather to dry out and turn brittle. As a result, selecting leather garments that are suitable for the climate in which they will be worn is critical. Those who live in warmer regions, for example, should choose lighter-weight leathers that will not overheat the body, whereas those who live in cold climates should choose heavier-duty options that will offer adequate insulation.


It can be tough to clean, repair, and maintain a leather jacket at home. And for this, having a professional team of leather dry cleaners by your side can be a blessing. The leatherdryclean.com provides these exceptional services. We strive to provide industry-leading leather repair and restoration services while maintaining customer satisfaction. We specialize in leather jacket cleaning, polishing, repair, and alterations while maintaining high standards of quality and professionalism.

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